We offer unforgettable daily trips amongst the islands of the extraordinary National Park of La Maddalena on board of the comfortable motor-yacht «The Blue Rider!».

The blue colour in all shades

A day with us means a day of joy and delight, sailing through blue waters in all their shades of aquamarine, blue sky, emerald, turquoise, azure. The excursion in fact meanders through a breathtaking scenery of wild islands where majestic granite rocks, scented Mediterranean vegetation, and hidden coves of fine white sand are surrounded by a sea whose waters are shimmering like a kaleidoscope.


Plenty of safe excitement aboard the «The Blue Rider!»

Comfort and relaxation: a very open view and comfortable lounge at the bow, an ample aft cockpit, and a super-panoramic flying-bridge.

Safety: stable and robust boat hull.

Warmth, sympathy and good feelings, with a professional crew and the polyglot captain Franco with long time experience of the Strait of Bonifacio. They will satisfy any curiosity concerning the history and culture of Sardinia and its sea and land.

Professionalism: the boat is regularly registered in the records of “Capitaneria di Porto” for the activity of driver.

The crew is registered in the roles of “Gente di Mare” and in possession of professional qualifications required by law in force.

Palau Blue Tours – The Blue Rider!